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The very first day of the new year, we decided to have our friends, Gara and Dee with their children over for dinner. The adults were congregated in our kitchen/sitting room and the kids were playing in the boy's room. All of the kids stormed in where we were and kept playing at a loud volume. Stephen suggested the boys go back and play in their room. Elisha said "It stinks in there. " We were thinking at first, "of course! It's a bunch of little boys playing hard together." but then Elisha insisted that it really stinks and he did not want to go in there. Stephen went to investigate and noticed smoke in our hallway. He realized it was coming from outside. We called 999 (the equivalent to 911 here) and evacuated our apartment. Stephen and Gara checked the other apartments to make sure no one was in them (which they weren't). After that, they waited for the fire brigade (what they call it here) to arrive while Dee and I took the children to Gara and Dee&…

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