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Christmas Day 2018

On Christmas morning we read the Christmas story and then opened gifts as a family while cinnamon rolls were baking. It was a special Christmas as this was Andrew's first. It was so nice to snuggle a little newborn on Christmas morning while watching Elisha and Silas get so excited about their gifts. In fact, the one gift that Elisha squealed over was socks! He hasn't learned yet that those are the kind of gifts that kids usually dread.
 After breakfast Elisha and Silas played while Stephen and I started preparing Christmas dinner and tidying up for our guests coming over in the evening. We had people over last year and it was a really relaxing way to do it. I think with a new baby this year, things were more challenging than relaxing, but we eventually got it all ready (even if we were about an hour late for dinner...whoops!). Thankfully Elisha and Silas both played so well together without hardly a fight (unusual for them) so they were easy to care for.

We had 7 people over (…

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