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My Sister's Wedding!

Once we got back from Iowa, we jumped in headfirst to all of the last-minute details of my sister's wedding that was coming up that weekend. Not only that, but Stephen had a birthday on the 6th and we were also able to have an ultrasound of our new baby (all is well!). Busy, busy busy!

I was happy how my dress turned out for the wedding. I had bought it online about a month and a half before coming over, not knowing if it would really fit or not. I did have to alter it a small bit myself, but it only took a couple of hours. Thanking God over this because it was not expensive at all!!

I was able to help paint a sign for my sister and then worked on something I had never tried before, a chalkboard sign with everyone's names in the wedding. I was really nervous about it, but after watching a couple videos on Youtube, I felt like I might be able to do it. I always like trying new things and I am glad that this one worked out. We were able to do most of the decorating for the weddi…

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