Morning Sunday School

 We tried something new this sermon series, having a morning class where we can go more in depth with the topic. This series is called "New Life" and is focusing on spiritual disciplines, rhythms, or practices that help us to grow closer to God. This class begins at 9 am before the service and we come together to answer people's questions and talk about the value of these different practices and try to help people schedule them into their lives. Stephen talks about how you are being formed, even if you don't schedule these things in, so you may as well be formed by these things that you can be intentional about instead of just letting life flow past you and wondering how to grow closer to God. It has been great to hear people's different experiences and opinions, and how everyone thinks about these things. 

Luke has been a huge help during these classes by taking care of childcare. This has helped Tiffanie and me be able to attend as well as other moms who usually can't attend classes like this. What a blessing. 

We have been happy with the response of this class and are hoping to do more classes like this in the future. This class will run for 6 weeks and then we will take a bit of a break as to not over-ask of people at our church.