Praise God! Another Baptism!

 The first Sunday we were back to church, we were privileged to witness a lady from our church be baptised. Since moving to Ireland, she began attending church with her family. One day she contacted Luke and explained how she wanted to raise her daughter in a Christian home, but realised she needed to make a commitment to Christ in her own life for this to happen. It was a beautiful Sunday. The air was warm, but apparently the water was not. We are glad that did not hold her back. We are so happy to have her as a sister in Christ! Since being baptised, she is very enthusiastic about reading her Bible and says she "wants to tell everyone about it." Yes! Please keep her in your prayers. We are so thankful to see the Holy Spirit move in such a strange time in our world. 

Most of her family who came down to the beach to watch.
Most of her family who came down to the beach to watch.

Her little sister braved the cold to watch nearby as well. 

Hugs from grandma who has prayed for years. Thank you Jesus!


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