St. Patrick's Day 2022

 We were so happy to be able to celebrate St. Patrick's Day again! Three years we have not been able to, but this year the parade was going again. Also, as something special, our kids were able to walk with their rugby team in the parade!

I was very excited to have the time off and celebrate (the Friday afterwards was a bank-holiday too, making for a long weekend), but sadly, I got sick the Wednesday before. The next day I was feeling better, but not good enough to made it to the parade. Stephen had to take all of the boys while I stayed home. Thankfully, the parade goes right by our house, so I was able to snap a few pictures from the window. The boys are difficult to see, but they are there, trust me!

We had grand plans of eating Bacon and Cabbage, but we had to wait until the next day as the day grew too full with Stephen taking care of everything. It was good the next day too. 

Lots of people lining the street.

Lots of people lining the street.

More people waiting to see the parade go by. 

"St. Patrick" leading the way, and Moycullen's own olympian in the carriage. 

There's all my guys going by.

Yummy bacon and cabbage with mash.