God is Good- Baptism!

Since we have been able to meet in person again we have had a
 new family who came to church the very first Sunday we re-opened after our lockdown. She and her children have been coming ever since. This woman came to Christ online and has been attending an online church for the last five years. Recently, she realized her need to find a local church, so that is when she got in contact with us. Once she started coming she expressed her desire to be baptized. On the 20th of June, after church, we drove to a nearby beach and Stephen baptized her. A few people from church came too. It was nice. Please continue to pray for her and her family that she would continue to ask questions and grow in the Lord.  

We were able to get a snapshot of everyone (except for Stephen who was taking the picture) from church who was able to come that day (for second service). 

Also, the kids had fun together afterwards playing on all the rocks and getting a little bit soaked (even though none of them had swimming gear on). 

It's always wonderful to see someone surrendering their life to Jesus. May we all do this continually every day.