Why Ireland

The situation that exists in Ireland desperately needs to be addressed. Ireland has the lowest percentage of evangelical Christians of all English-speaking countries in the world. Only 30,000 (less than 1%) would even call themselves evangelical Christians. 87% of Irish people claim to be Catholic, however, a vast majority are not practicing.* The secularization of Ireland has brought about many changes in a very short period of time. Divorce (illegal until 1997) is a new difficulty for Irish families, with a 70% increase in just 4 years (2002-2006). The unwed mother rate in Ireland has dramatically increased (5% in 1990 compared to 33% in 2007) and Ireland ranks 5th among all European countries in teenage suicide. Drug use in Ireland is rapidly on the rise. This rise has brought about a dramatic increase in violent crime and gang related activity. Ireland is certainly not the country it was 20 years ago.

All Churches in Ireland

This is a comprehensive list of all churches in each county of Ireland. It was compiled by Calvary Mission along with Aontas.