Connecting with Supporting Churches

A few weeks ago, when the quarantine started, Alisa's home church, Roxbury Church of Christ (one of our supporting churches) contacted us and asked if we wanted to attend one of their small groups. We were happy to! The first week, Stephen met with them as Alisa had to teach early the next morning. The group was gracious with making a time adjustment,  and now Alisa has been able to attend too. It has been nice to see everyone and to learn more about God together. We finished up the end of the book of Isaiah with them and last week went over Psalm 23. It's been nice to attend something we haven't had to prepare for!

We were thinking this is a great way for us to connect with supporting churches that we haven't been able to see in awhile. If your church meets online for a Bible Study or group, we would love to meet with you sometime. Please contact us so we could fill you in on all that is going on here, or just to connect and say "hi!". We would love to see you and to hear how you are doing. Please contact us so we can schedule a date.