School Year 2019-2020

At the end of August, Stephen had a week of classes he needed to attend in Dublin for his master's. In order to fill up time, I decided to start our school year the week he was gone.

It was not perfect, in fact the first day took us WWWWAAAAAYYYY too long, but we more than cut the time in half the second day. The first day also included a nature walk, a picnic inside, and cake (to which Elisha and Silas wanted to sing "Happy Birthday to School"- Ha!). Anyway, Elisha and Silas still seem to enjoy it and I can tell they are learning more every day.

This year Elisha started first class (first grade) and Silas junior infants (preschool). Also, this was the first year that I actually have to register Elisha with the government in order to homeschool. I had to wait until he was six to do this. They have received our application and now I am just waiting to have a meeting with an assessor. I'm nervous, but I am pretty sure everything will be ok.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to homeschool as it's a dream come true for me.