More Room for our Church

After months of praying, seeking out different options for a church move and seeing closed doors, our current landlord asked if we would be interested in renting additional space in our building. The space is three floors above where we currently rent and was an office space. After praying about it we asked if we could use it for a few weeks to see how it would work for our church. She graciously obliged.  The space is laid out in a wide U shape with a small kitchenette, two bathrooms, general open area, an office, and a conference room. This gives us more than enough space for our children's ministry at the moment plus office space for Stephen and Luke. The children were so excited about all of the room one of the first things they did was just lay on the floor and stretch out! After continued prayer, we just recently signed a one year lease. We are going to see how this works out for our church for the year and are hoping to also open a co-working space during the week to help out with expenses. Please pray for these changes and thank God for providing!

Here are a few pictures of the space.

Kitchenette and one of the bathrooms

The two doors in the back lead to the different bathrooms

The last part of the U shape

The view from the other angle. The first door is the office space, the second door leads to the conference room. 

The office

Conference room.