Random Ministry Experience

On the 15th of May Stephen randomly got a call from a man who said he needed someone to talk to, to be prayed for and baptized. The man was from the opposite side of Ireland from us, but had travelled out to the Connemara to fast and pray. He had found our church's number on the website and called Stephen out of the blue. God was already working preparing Stephen and Luke for this experience as  someone from our city community group had brought up questions about spiritual situations that this man was struggling with. Stephen and Luke were busy in study for this exact situation before this man called. The next day, Stephen and Luke drove out to where the man was and they were able to hear the guy's story, pray with him, help get him in contact with a church in the area where he lives and baptize him! The man has since called Stephen and updated him on how he is doing and he feels he is moving in the right direction. Please keep him in your prayers. Even though this whole situation feels very random to us, we see God's work in giving Stephen and Luke preparation time. This is not random to our all-knowing, caring God.