Meet Our New Interns for 2019!

God has been good to us again and provided the church with three interns for this summer.

Jenny Dück is from Bibelschule Brake (where our other German interns have been from) in Germany. She already has an engineering degree, but is interested in missions. She has been with us since the beginning of May and has been proactive in meeting with our church members and studying the Bible with them. We are excited to see what else this summer has in store for her. 

Maddie & Martin Hinten are here from Central Christian College of the Bible. We already had a chance to meet them a couple of years ago when they came with a group to the Kontaktmission retreat in Germany. They organised the children's program at the retreat for the English speaking missionary kids. They just arrived at the very end of May. They are interested in long-term missions and are seeking where God is leading them.