Kontaktmission Retreat 2019

From the 11th of April to the 17th we traveled to Germany for the annual Kontaktmission retreat. 

A funny story about the car we rented while we were there. Since we need extra space for three car seats, Stephen was researching what vehicle we could rent that would have enough room. One that was available was the Opel Combo Life. It was super boxy and ugly, but we mostly wanted to be sure that all three carseats could fit. Once we arrived in Germany at the rental counter, Stephen noticed the man offering us a different car. Stephen stopped him and asked if the Opel Combo Life was available. The man said that it was. Stephen said he would like that instead. The guy was shocked and said that nobody wants that car! Ha! When we were walking to the parking garage and saw it, Silas shouts out "I want THAT one!" Thankfully, he picked the one we had rented! He was very pleased when we got him in and said, "Didn't I pick out a nice car?" It was so sweet.  I would not recommend this car at all though. It is big, but definitely does not have enough get up and go. Stephen had to regularly downshift to get up hills. It was funny. On the autobahn it was more nerve-wracking as I was afraid we may get rear-ended! Thankfully, it all worked out ok. 

  The first few days we spent some time with our friends Sascha and Eva. It was nice to see them and as an extra bonus we were able to stay in their new to them historical home! We are so thankful for them. 

For the last half of the week we traveled to the Kontaktmission missionary retreat where we were able to hear a few speakers, reports on missions and catch up with friends. The whole time I thought maybe I could get caught up on sleep, but I had such a nice time with everyone, Stephen and I stayed up way too late! There was a children's program available for Elisha and Silas. They really enjoyed hanging out with the other missionary kids.

Here are a few photos from our trip.

About to take off on Andrew's first flight. He was tired, so fussed a bit, but mostly did just fine.

Ready for take-off!

With all these cute kids comes a bunch of stuff (I'm wearing a backpack as well)!

I'm always amazed at how much gear Stephen can carry when we travel!
It was so nice to hang out with Sascha and Eva.

We were able to go birding at a great site,  Waghäusel. There were lots of Greylag geese with their new chicks

A Purple Heron

Little Baby Andrew on the floor
Stephen lead worship one day at the retreat.  

Andrew rolled from his back to his belly for the first time. None of us saw it though as we were asleep and found him like this when we woke up!
Elisha and Silas love playing in the sand.