Grandpa Simpson

Sadly, Stephen's grandpa passed away on the 16th of February. He had been struggling with his health for awhile, but recently there were signs that things were deteriorating. Stephen's mom made plans to fly out to be with him. She arrived on that Friday. All her other sisters were there as well and he passed away that day. As sad as we are that he is gone, we are so glad that all of his children were there to be with him.

The last time we all were with Grandpa Simpson this summer. 
After we heard when the funeral was going to be, Stephen made plans to attend. Thankfully he was able to spend a few days with his family. He was happy to have the opportunity to go.

I stayed behind with the three boys. We would have all liked to go, but felt it would have been hard financially and just the whole dynamics of us being there. This way Stephen was better able to focus on his family.

We will miss Grandpa Simpson. He was always such a gentle man, who loved his family and loved Jesus. In the commotion of family events you always had to listen very closely to his jokes, which were always appropriate to the situation.

Here is his obituary if you would like to read it.

Also, the following are some words that Stephen wrote about his grandfather in one of his reflective master's papers:

"Over the months as the research and writing went on so too did life. Recently my maternal grandfather passed away. As I reflect on all I have learned, I am reminded of the fact that knowledge is not the be all and end all of following Jesus. My grandfather was in many ways an uncomplicated man. He would not have known or cared much about terms like recapitulation or imago Dei. Nevertheless, he loved Jesus with all his heart and shared that love with his children, grandchildren, and anyone who would listen. His life centred around the church and showed the world what it looked like to quietly and faithfully serve Jesus and others. I am grateful for all I have learned but humbled by the witness of my grandfather who without need for formal theological training lived his life as a renewed image of God."