Carol Service 2018

On Friday, the 14th of December we held our annual Carol service. This year was a little different as Stephen lead most of the music himself. I usually would have participated as well, but Andrew has become unpredictable in when he will sleep or not, so we thought it best to not risk it.

Stephen's guitar lessons group lead three carols which was nice. Also, we asked all of the children to come to the front to sing Jingle Bells together. It was cute as we gave them little bells. They seemed very enthusiastic to sing but when it came down to it, they became shy. They did a great job anyway, and we were very glad to all of them to participate.

We also had different Bible readings of the Christmas story throughout the evening.

At the end we closed out the evening with different readings of John 3:16 in different languages. I always enjoy this part of the evening the most. This year we had 6 different languages. English, German, French, Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic), Malayalam, and Africkaans. Wondering what languages God will give us next year!