Pumpkin Carving 2018

The last Monday in October is an annual holiday. We have found this is a good time to hold our annual pumpkin carving event at the church. Every year it grows and this year we had over 55 people attend. Some people came early and others came later (which helped as it meant there was actually space for them to carve pumpkins) but the church was buzzing with people the whole time. Everyone always seems to have a lot of fun.

We did know a few people who came, but thankfully there were a whole lot of new people who decided to attend. This is nice as it really helps us to get to know more people in the area and for them to get to know us as well.

Tiffanie and Helen did face painting for the kids and did a fantastic job. There were other games too to occupy time if there wasn't space at tables to carve. Tiffanie, Taylor, and I brought a few treats to eat, which everything was gone by the end of the day.

It is such a busy afternoon event, but we are always glad to be able to do it.