A21 Walk for Freedom 2018

This year our church participated in the A21 Walk for Freedom.

A21 is an organization that is committed to end human slavery. They operate in 14 different locations across the globe. Some offices do a little different things than others, but they all work to make sure people are not getting taken advantage of and used. Raising awareness of slavery and restoring people who have been in abusive situations.

The Walk for Freedom was on the 20th of October. More than 450 walks were organized globally that day. There had been a walk done in Dublin and Cork in years past, but none had ever been organized in Galway. A woman in our church who had attended the walk in Cork last year desired to lead the walk in Galway. A good group of us got together to raise awareness of what happens in our city and what to do about it.

We wore all black, stayed silent for the most part, walked single file, and carried signs to grab people's attention. We were towards the back of the line and it was interesting to see people read the signs. We were then able to hand out leaflets that had information of who to contact locally if people thought they had seen something suspicious when it came to human slavery/trafficking and also clues of what to look for.

It was really nice to have our church be involved in something that is much needed in Galway. Galway is a party town and a lot of people come here on weekends to have a good time. Sadly, this comes with a lot of people being taken advantage of. I hope and pray that the more we talk about this problem, people will realize that it really does hurt other people and that we could help the unfortunate out of slavery.

Our hope is that word will get out about the walk and that more people will participate next year to make a bigger impact.
Walking down Shop Street in Galway 
Group picture after the walk