Stephen Begins his Master's Degree

Over the years, Stephen always talked about his desire to complete his master's degree. Every year it just did not seem like "the right" time. Again, with a new baby coming and the possibility of moving church buildings, this is actually not a great time either, but we just figured "when WILL it be a good time?"

Stephen started his Masters at the Irish Bible Institute and was away the 20-24 of August. He was able to stay with a friend in Dublin which made travelling very convenient. So far he has really enjoyed going back to school. His first course is Evangelical Identity, Theology, and Praxis and he will start a Transformational Leadership course at the end of September.

Thankfully, Stephen is able to avail of the GI bill to pay for his master's degree. Without this, we would not have been able to afford it.

Alisa held down the fort with the two crazy boys at home for the week. She was exhausted every night. She is happy that Stephen is able to begin his degree and looks forward to supporting him in this in the future.