Forum Christian Church- Missouri

On July 1st we had the pleasure of visiting Forum Christian Church in Columbia, Missouri. This church is still very close to our hearts as this was the first church we attended as a married couple. Even though it has grown and the building has changed a lot, we still feel at home here. It was good to see many of our old friends and also to meet new people.

We had a busy morning, dropping the kids off at the children's programming from 8 am and staying for all four services. We spoke in four different Sunday school classes and Stephen had the opportunity to talk a little about how God has blessed our ministry during the offering of all four services. Also, we tried to make it out to the lobby and chat with people in between services. Even though we were there for a few hours, I felt like the whole morning just flew by and we wished we had more time to catch up with people we hadn't seen in years.

Thankfully, later that day we met with two more of our supporters to catch up with them. Also, we will be meeting with a few more people from the church this week to let them know how things are going with us. We are so glad to be able to do this!

Here are a few pictures from our day with Forum!

Speaking before offering

Just a little chat with the youth
Speaking with our fourth class of the day