First Christian Church- Missouri

On our last Sunday in the States we visited First Christian Church in Vandalia, MO. It was nice to see everyone again and to see new faces as well. We had the great opportunity to speak with the youth during the Sunday school hour. Mike Edmondson is the youth minister at the church whom we had gone to college with, so he just asked us a bunch of questions- interview style for our talk. He focused more on how we felt we were called to Ireland and of the steps we took to get there. It is always nice to encourage youth in this way and hopefully clear up some misunderstandings about what your story or calling has to be like before serving on the mission field.

Stephen had the opportunity again to preach during the morning service. Afterwards, we needed to catch our train in Quincy, IL, so Mark and Barbara Martwick suggested we go to lunch with them in Hannibal, MO. It was nice to get to know them. Mike Edmondson drove us there. It was nice to recall memories from our college days. He even treated our boys to an hour at Bonkers (an indoor playplace) and bought us some sandwiches for dinner on the train. It was so nice! We had a great visit and look forward to seeing everyone again.