From time to time we get contacted by people who are interested in working in some capacity with us in the church here or about starting up their own ministry in Ireland. Most of these conversations fade out and we never hear from them again. Monique is from South Africa and was one of these people who contacted us, but yet, she actually came to check out what life is like here!

She got in touch with us over a year ago interested in the possibility of moving to Ireland for work, but also to help out with our church. Stephen Skyped with her once and we have been praying for her and just wondering if we would ever meet her.

On the 5th of May, we picked her up at the train station! It was nice to finally meet her in person and get to know what she is like. We went out to a very windy beach the first day of meeting her. Had a lunch that almost got blown away and climbed over a few rock walls. It was an interesting first day, but we learned that she is pretty easy going!

She stayed with us that first night, but since then has been staying at a hostel in the city. She enjoyed exploring the city and meeting up with other people from the church. I am glad that she is able to get to know not only us, but others as well.

We had lots of long chats with her about God's will and God's leading. Also, we spent a good amount of time playing the game "Bang!" with her and other friends. Even though there is a lot of rules, she caught on fast and seemed to really enjoy the competition.

She is still seeking what God has for her future. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you.

Not the best picture, but here's us having a barbecue with Monique.