Religious Worker Visa

The visa that our teammates, Luke and Tiffanie Swain, are on needs to be renewed every year. Please keep them in prayer as they will need to try to get it renewed soon.

The Irish government is now changing the visa process for the religious workers visa so that you need to get pre approved before you come to Ireland. These rules have changed since the beginning of the year. We have met a couple who recently moved here to minister to a church in the city but have just been denied because of this change. Also, the new laws are still being arranged until the end of March, so basically, no one can apply or come for the next couple months. This couple is just waiting for the end of March (where their 90 days will almost be up) to see what they will have to do to be able to stay here.

Please keep this couple in prayer and also Luke and Tiffanie. We hope that the new policies will not keep people who are serving God out of Ireland.