Bibelschule Brake und Lichtenau

I (Stephen) was recently back in Germany. I have already been there twice this year but this time was the last for this year. I was back in order to speak to students at Bibelschule Brake (a German Bible college) and at a church in Lichtenau, near Paderborn.

I flew into Cologne on Saturday night and was able to stay with a friend from my Bible college days, Zach Murphy. He and his wife Alyssa are missionaries there. I was thankful to catch up with him and to have a place to stay.

On Sunday I drove to Lichtenau and was glad to be able to catch up with people at the church there. Several years ago they sent a team to us and put on a soccer camp. It was great to tell them about what is happening in Moycullen and to talk to them about possibly bringing another team to Moycullen.

Sunday evening I drove to the Bible college in Brake. The school is small (about 150 students) but is one of the largest in Germany. Two summers ago we had an intern for the summer, Ben Hanser, who was a student there. He is currently a teaching intern at the school (and recently visited us) so I was excited to catch up with him.

On Monday evening I was able to speak to the students about living out their calling and church planting in Ireland. During the day I had shared with the students about a lady in our area who needs an operation but was €800 short of what she needed to pay for it. The students took an offering that evening and came back to me with €1,257! It was incredible to see a group of Christians provide in such an incredible way for someone they will probably never meet. I was astounded by their generosity and their love for God.

Tuesday I left Brake and went back to Cologne. My flight was not until the evening and so I spent the remainder of the day seeing Cologne with my friend Zach.

It was a really great trip but I was glad to arrive back home.