Kontaktmission Germany sends out a newsletter quarterly called "Weltblick" (translated: Worldview) and this last one we were featured in. They wanted photos that showed a normal day of a missionary. Here it is!

" Photo story - Quite normal everyday life. Family Walton (Stephen and Alisa with Elisha and Silas) has been living in Galway Ireland since 2012 (actually 2013), and are there for a community foundation project. We asked them to capture their day in pictures and so this is how the Walton family lives. "
7am - Get up; 7:30am Time for breakfast; 8:15am Practice guitar 9:30am Pick people up for church

10:30am In Worship; 1pm Walk to the bay, 1:30 Discovering the sea, 4pm Play in the pool 8pm Finally go to sleep. The End