Grandma Joyce

My Grandma Joyce (Alisa's Dad's Mom) got diagnosed with cancer last year in October. She had radiation and then started chemotherapy, but could not take it, so stopped treatments. Ever since she stopped, I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to go visit her before she was gone. I was thinking I would go at the beginning of October when Stephen was in Germany, but had not bought tickets yet.
My Grandma is the littlest girl in this photo. 
On August 7th, I received the news that my Grandma Verona (Alisa's Mom's Mom) had two weeks to live. Upon hearing this news, we realised we needed to move fast. I bought tickets for six days after she had gotten the news. We arrived on the 15th and stayed until the 30th. It was a nice time as I was able to visit with both grandmothers. I was very thankful to God for being able to see them.

I had never before seen my Grandmother with long hair like this!
On the 24th of September, we got the news that my Grandma Joyce had passed away. It was very shocking as no one expected her to go that fast. Once my Dad found out when the funeral would be, he told us and so we bought tickets on Monday night at 7pm and by 4am the next day we were on our way to Dublin to catch our plane. It was crazy.

Grandma holding Elisha.
Four generations
My Grandma loved watching sports on TV.

The last time I was able to visit Grandma. So glad I got this picture. 

The funeral was on Thursday. I was very grateful to be there. I was able to not only be at my grandmothers funeral, but was able to see many relatives and family friends I had not seen in years. It was nice to visit with everyone.

I'll definitely miss my grandmother. She was a wonderful person, generous and accepting (even to a fault).

I welcome you to pray for my family, especially my Dad and his brothers and sisters. Thank you.


  1. Alisa, so sorry to hear your Grandmother passed, but like you I am very glad you had the opportunity to visit with her so near to her passing. Prayers for safe travels for all Waltons. Mike & Kim.

    1. Thanks Mike, we appreciate your thoughts and prayers!


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