Stephen's Visa

Attempting to get a visa is always a stressful thing, even if it is guaranteed (as it was in this case). You never know what the immigration officer may say to you, or want more information about. You are at their mercy, no matter what. There is a certain immigration officer in Galway that has no mercy whenever you meet with them, so we are always hoping that someone else would be there when we go in. We have our visas, but Stephen's passport was expiring, so his visa could only go as long as his passport was valid. Now that he has his new passport, we had to go back in to get it re-stamped for the current visa he is on. We were told last time that we would have to pay all over again for the same visa, and were prepared to do so. Stephen went in one morning this week and said it was really easy. Also, the immigration officer was very kind and said that he didn't think it was fair to have to pay again for the same visa! Hooray! We were very thankful for his kindness.