SeaFest 2017

There seems to always be festivals going on in Galway. Honestly, we miss most of them! Some are just not very kid-friendly or cost too much (for us). One that we try not to miss is SeaFest. It is so much fun and Elisha loves it. You get to explore different ships and learn a lot about our very own Galway Bay. It is very interesting. This year it was even bigger than last year. You could easily spend all day here. There was a food tent (with cooking demonstrations), 4 ships you could explore, power boarders, different free sailings or kayaking you could book in for (we missed it!), kids crafts, face painting, and much more. It was fun last year and great again this year. We even saw the Taoiseach (the Prime Minister of Ireland) and a captain of one of the exploring ships (I was more awe-struck by the captain of the ship...  just imagining how much work he had to do to get to that position!). Here's a few pics of our day out.