Good Friday & Easter 2017

On Good Friday we had a prayer and worship service. It was nice to get together and pray over different topics and praise God for what Jesus has done for us. 

We had lots of visitors for Easter Sunday. Some we knew, others told us they found our website. We were happy celebrating Christ's resurrection with everyone there.

It was the last Sunday in our "Meals with Jesus" series. A good-sized group stayed with us to share in consuming chicken fajitas. A lot of people there had never had anything like that before. I made my own refried beans, for the occasion (as the canned versions here are very pricy) and found that I will definitely be making them again. So tasty. Here's the link to the recipe I followed if you would like to try it. The recipe was from Queen Bee Coupons.

 All in all it was a great weekend celebrating Christ's sacrifice and resurrection. Praise God for what he has done!