Central Christian College of the Bible Team- Part 2

The Central group put in lots of hard work and here are some pictures of what they accomplished around the church:
Wall at the entrance to the church. 
Wall at the stage area of the church (the entry wall and this one are the same color, just the natural light hits them differently). 
Our window bench! It's nice and comfy. 

Along with this, they also cleaned the church from top to bottom. It was wonderful to have their help.

We went on a history walk one day with them around the village where we learned some interesting history about Moycullen. It was a beautiful day. 
Mark giving us all of the information about the area. 
Elisha and Silas enjoyed being out and about too.

The Central group also took us out to eat on their last evening in Moycullen. It was so nice of them.

We were very happy with the group that CCCB sent us and would welcome any of them back anytime. So thankful for their help.


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