Moycullen Spring Clean-up Day

On 4th of March, Tidy Towns and the Historical Society organised a village-wide clean up day for Moycullen. Over seventy turned up to help, including us! It ended up being surprisingly enjoyable. The day started out dry enough, but the wind was very cold. A bit later though, the wind died down, so we warmed up a little. It did rain on us a bit, but not too much, which we were all very thankful for.

Getting assigned to an area at the beginning of the day.

Each group that showed up were assigned to a specific area. We were assigned to the N59 (the main road that runs through our village). We filled up four big garbage bags full in about three hours over a one and a half mile section of road and still didn't get to a fourth of our assigned area as we ran out of time.

Since we were by a super busy road, I kept Elisha and Silas in the buggy the whole time. They did fantastic. I was so thankful for their contentment as I was actually able to be of help to the group. They provided us with song and conversation. They also like to yell "WHOAH!!!!" every time a big truck or bus goes by.

The event ended with a talk from Waterways Ireland and tea/coffee and scones. It was a great day and we were thankful to be able to come alongside everyone and help beautify our village.
Just starting out
At our turn-around point.

Glad the boys cooperated so I could join in as well.

Group photo.
Result from the whole clean up (plus stuff collected from the woods). I pulled the maroon bin out of a tree/hedge at the side of the road shown in the bottom left of this picture. :)

Results of the rubbish that was collected from the local woods.

Side note: Our village is actually very beautiful. I was surprised at the amount of rubbish that everyone collected. Now that we have cleaned, I can see even more areas that need to be worked on. Hopefully we will have more days to work on this altogether.