Central Christian College of the Bible team- Part 1

A team of five from Central Christian College of the Bible arrived on the 24th of May. We put them to work right away the next day for the second Community Clean up in Moycullen. During the last clean up day, we went south of Moycullen towards Galway City. This time the team cleaned north of the village covering a 4 mile area towards Rosscahill. Everyone who volunteered filled about 12 trash bags total in about 2.5 hrs.

Getting ready to clean up the roadsides!

Afterwards, our teammates Luke and Tiffanie had a great idea to invite all of the volunteers back for a cup of tea and biscuits (cookies) at the church. Most people who were helping out also came back for tea and a chat. It was a great idea and wonderful to get people inside the building. Hopefully they will feel more comfortable and come back, or at least talk about us with people they know.
Tea & Biscuits after the clean-up day.

The team hung out in Galway City the rest of the day. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Nice and warm. Luke, Tiffanie, Michael, Kayla, and Elle showed them around.

The next day was Sunday and one of the group, Tyler, preached. He did a great job talking about Jesus feeding the 5,000. Afterwards, as we are doing with this sermon series, we all shared a meal together. We had walking tacos which worked great. Even though we had more people, there was hardly any clean-up!

Luke & Michael came over to our house after I had put the kids down for a nap and Tiffanie, Kayla and I met up with the CCCB group and Stephen. We walked around Spiddle, a little village that is by the bay and has a few interesting shops and a nice cafe. Again, it was a fabulous day, as the weather was perfect.

The next couple days the Central team took advantage of the great weather we were having and went to see the Cliffs of Moher and Kylemore Abbey. I think they enjoyed it. In the evening one of the nights, Luke, Tiffanie, Michael and Kayla went in to hang out with them after they arrived back in the city.

On Wednesday the CCCB group started our big projects that we wanted to accomplish at the church. We are making a window bench, painting, and deep cleaning. They have been a nice group to work with. If we need anything done, they go for it to the best of their ability, without complaint. They are knowledgeable enough to go for it without needing lots of direction, which is great.
After a long, full day of work at the church, the group went over to Luke & Tiffanie's for soup and a movie. They seemed to enjoy it very much.

In part two I will show the "after" pictures of what the church looks like! We are hoping it will add a welcoming vibe to the space. :) Glad for this groups help to accomplish all of this.

The guys starting on the frame of the bench.

Washing all of the walls. 

The girls working on the window seat bench.

I'm making sure things are getting done. Ha! :)