Where Does the Time Go?

How many trips will it take to the bank to open up an account for the church?

So far, it has been more than what we wished for.

Stephen has had a very difficult time opening a church bank account.

First he investigated which bank would offer the best deal. There was only one that would offer a free (no fee) account.

Next he had to fill out a stack of paperwork online and then finish it inside the bank. Once he went to the bank, they told him it was for the wrong type of account and that he needed to fill out different paperwork instead.

Stephen came home and filled out the different paperwork.

He went in and was told that this was the wrong paperwork, that he needed to fill out the paperwork for the type of account that he originally filled out. He told them he already did that. They could use that original paperwork, but he needed an appointment to come in.

He came in on his appointment day with the other person we will have on the account, they told them that it wasn't the correct paperwork.

He brought in different paperwork and the other person who was on the account came in again to the bank as well. She had all the correct paperwork, but Stephen did not as he had proof of address, but they are very particular (without stating so) that it needed to be a utility bill. They said you could use a bank statement as well. Since we bank personally with this bank, Stephen told them this. They said they could not use a bank statement from their own bank.

Stephen went in another day to turn in a printed off utility bill (as we get our bills through ebilling). They told him that this was unacceptable as it cannot be a printed off bill. It needed to be an original bill.

Stephen had to call our utility company to get a once off printed bill.

After a few days the bill arrived and Stephen went to turn it in. The lady said "thank you" and proceeded to COPY THE BILL to send in the COPY! Also, she gave him another form that Stephen needed to get the other person on the account to sign as well. Why this couldn't have been given at either time the both of them were in the bank, no one knows, so Stephen had to take extra time to get that form filled out and now.....

...we wait, as they cannot open the account at this branch and everything needs to be sent to Dublin to be approved.

Sometimes we wonder what happens during the week, of why we are so busy and yet have hardly accomplished anything.

THIS is what sometimes happens. Something that could have been more efficient and simpler, and somehow has turned into a time-consuming nightmare.

Hopefully we'll have the account open soon!