New Teammates- Luke and Tiffanie

On February 1st, our teammates, Luke and Tiffanie Swain arrived.

What a huge answer to prayer. Stephen and I had been praying for teammates before we left for Ireland, with only closed doors and waiting until now. We are so thankful to have them here with us and are grateful to God for providing for them to come.

For the last month or two we had been looking for a place to rent for them. The housing market in our area is VERY limited. There are hardly any places that come up for rent, and if they do, they are usually very expensive. We hadn't found anything for them.

The Sunday before they arrived, Stephen went to look at a place. It seemed really nice. We got a call the day before Luke and Tiffanie arrived, the owner of the house wanted to meet Luke and Tiffanie. Two hours after Luke and Tiffanie came to our place, they went to look at the house. They loved it and agreed to rent it! I was so amazed! I was amazed that they were here and that they had a place to call home in just a matter of hours.

Luke and Tiffanie ended up staying with us for about a week as they needed to get some things sorted out for their new home, plus getting a visa, etc.

They are doing great and diving right in. They haven't even been here a month and they already have their own place, got their dogs moved over, bought a car, have their visas, are getting their pps numbers (like a social security number), went to IKEA for the first time, and have signed up to take their written driving test. I am amazed at how God is providing for them and am so thankful that they are here.

Also, they aren't as shy as Stephen and I are about social media, so you may be seeing more of the church on Facebook and other social networking sites. This is exactly what we needed. More minds that just think differently than ours. Thank you Lord.

We are so thankful for all that has happened this February and are looking forward to a future ministry with Luke and Tiffanie.