Non-Americans Needed

On the first of February (Lord willing), we are looking forward to welcoming Luke and Tiffanie Swain here as teammates. We thank God for answering our prayers for help.

In March, Michael and Kayla Badger will arrive for an eight-month internship. Wonderful!

We have been in contact with a few more couples and individuals who are interested in serving here in Ireland. Fantastic!

The need here is great and we are glad to see people hearing God's call and responding faithfully.

There is a problem though, all these people that are coming to serve or are interested are Americans.

How is that a problem?

One of Kontaktmission's principles is to make multi-cultural teams. This helps not only to get new ideas but also to cancel out one culture as the major leader in a church (that is unless it is the culture of the host country).

We are here planting a church, but we are in Ireland. It would be wrong for it to turn out as an American church.

We have observed and served in Irish churches, and although we know a few things, we will always be American. So will the Swains, and the Badgers. We would like to start a church that would connect best to the culture here and not just be viewed as the "American church in town."

All this to explain that Stephen and I have been feeling the burden of not having foreign help. Any other country would help level out our "American-ness". We have talked to our friends here, we have presented in a Bible college in Germany, but so far, nothing has worked.

We ask that you would be in prayer about this aspect of our ministry. Please pray that people from other cultures would desire to be a part of what is happening here in Ireland, to be the answer to our prayers.

Stephen will probably be travelling to other Bible colleges and churches later on this spring to try to recruit help again. We are hoping to have some great results and see God provide.