Moycullen Extravaganza

For the last two years, shops in our community have held a special event to promote their shops for Christmas. The eighth of December is a traditional date here for setting up your tree, decorating, and shopping for the Christmas season. Most people would head into Galway city or even Dublin, but Moycullen has done a great job with this special event so that people can really see what Moycullen has to offer. We enjoy it as well as we know to avoid Galway city on the eighth and to stick around and see all of the goings on. Food trucks came in, there were tastings at the grocery & butcher's shop, special discounts in shops, kids could visit Santa in one of the pubs (it was not as bad as it sounds... haha!), and Elisha & Silas even were able to get their faces painted in the bookshop while being serenaded by violinists. It was nice to see all that was going on and to run into friends along the way.
Elisha got, "Chase" one of the Paw Patrol dogs on his cheek.
We had her paint a moustache on Silas. It was hilarious!