We had a celebration on the 6th for our Church's one year anniversary of Sunday services and on the 20th we all celebrated Thanksgiving together.

Usually I always had a few people over in our home for Thanksgiving. It always was so overwhelming to me as I could hardly fit things in our little fridge, or enough turkey into our little oven or having enough seating area in our apartment. Plus, having Thanksgiving on the actual day proved hard for other people to make it to us as kids and adults are coming from school or work and have school or work the next day. This year was much easier as we had people bring a few items and we had the celebration at the church.

We had turkey, sweet potato casserole (with walnuts... mmm), green bean casserole, dressing, and pumpkin pie. It was delicous except for the pumpkin pie as in my busy-ness of cooking the day before (where we were having people over as well), I had forgotten to put the sugar in the pies!!! Whoops! I always seem to mess something up when it comes to Thanksgiving, even when the extra stress is taken away from me! Anyway, it was great to celebrate with our church family.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you didn't forget the sugar in your pies!
If you are wondering where Elisha is, he is sitting underneath the table.