New (to us) Vehicle

After weeks and weeks of searching, praying, negotiating, "we can't afford it", "we don't want it", and "I don't trust that salesman"..... we finally have a new (to us) vehicle! We traded in our 2010 Peugeot 3008 that had started having problems (and had just hit 100,000 mi) for a 2013 VW Touran. It is a seven seater VAN!!! The 6 & 7th seats pop up in the back, so it will be perfect for those times when we are giving people lifts around. Before we only had one extra seat in our car, but now we will have three extra. It will be perfect for when the Swains arrive, we'll all be able to fit in the same vehicle with them. The Touran has lots of storage, which is great as well. It just is a well-thought out car.

We thought we never really liked our Peugeot, but as we were leaving it behind all of a sudden I realized how much we did like it (it had a little tailgate that was so handy and a great feature) and how many memories we had with it (bringing both boys home from the hospital). Also, the Peugeot was an automatic which was way easier for me to drive. Now I am having to re-learn how to drive a manual. It hasn't come back very easily for me. I've already had a situation where I let a strange man get in the car just to get up a hill as I couldn't accomplish a hill -start. After that, I have decided that Stephen needs to come with me every time I drive until I get the hang of it. Even though I took lessons to drive a manual, it was only about 12 lessons and then it has been a year and a half since I've driven a manual. Not much experience. I would appreciate your prayers as I hardly felt comfortable driving here before in an automatic. I felt I was just getting comfortable with it and now I feel I have to learn how to drive all over again. I just thought driving a manual would come back to me easily and it really hasn't and makes everything difficult all over again.

Anyway, Stephen likes the car, but in the words of Elisha as we were buying the Touran "I want our old car with the old wheels" (we were missing a hubcap on the old car... it did look old). Hopefully we will have happy memories with this vehicle as well.