Community Christian Church's Birthday

On November 1st Community Christian Church turned one year old.

It's been an overwhelming (at times) experience for Stephen and I. There has been a lot of sacrifice that has gone into it and will continue to do so. Stephen and I have learned a lot in this one year. How to manage our time better, how to watch small children and yet teach lessons at the same time (because if you don't do it, who will?), how to write sermons more efficiently (without sacrificing quality), how to keep calm while children are rambunctious during the service (because it was really Stephen and I that had to learn, Silas and Elisha are still as loud and disobedient as ever), how to pick up people before church, preach, and do music (because sometimes Stephen is the only person who can do all of those things), etc. Sometimes we haven't been as happy as we should have been through this, but we have always been thankful that the church has been started and that we get to try out what we feel God has called us to. There are so many people that looked forward to this church starting and behind us in prayer. We are thankful for all of the support we have received. This one year is a huge accomplishment and we hope that you will come along side us and thank God for what He has done, because, Stephen and I can say that we've put a lot of work in it, but in the end what can we actually do if God hasn't paved the way, opened doors, or provided for us? This is His church and we are honoured to serve him in this way.

We celebrated one year of Sunday services by having a carry in (potluck). It was a nice way to celebrate. Hopefully Community Chrisitan Church will continue for years to come. Please continue to pray for the church, that more people will take the opportunity to learn about what Christ has done for them, and that we would be creative in reaching out and blessing the community here.