Silas' First Birthday

The day after we got back from the States, it was this guy's first birthday:

He opened his gift and cards and then after playing for a little bit, he went down for a nap.

Got his hand stuck in his new toy.
After he woke up we went for a walk in the city and went to a pet store where they have meerkats. He liked watching them.

We stayed out too late and sadly, he wasn't up for trying his cake. So, we did it the next morning. He didn't even want to eat it, but once we put a little on his lips he ate it right up and signed "more".

The Saturday after his birthday we had a party for him. A few friends came over. It was a fun relaxing day. I think Silas enjoyed all of the action.

We are blessed to have Silas in our family and are looking forward to having more memories with him through the years.