Our New Sign

After about a month of sending in the design, finalizing the design, getting the sign put up, taking the sign down, repainting the sign, the vinyl signs being cut too deep, the vinyl signs being the wrong color, the vinyl signs put up crooked, and finally the vinyl signs put up correctly in the correct colors, we have the sign to our church building! Now that it is all done correctly we think it looks pretty sharp. We are glad that people will now be able to easily find us in the community.

Our church building is along the main busy highway that goes through our village. We have rented out a space with other shops nearby. There is lots of foot traffic right in front of us as well. We also have parking spaces to the side of the shops as well as parking along the opposite side of the street. We are very thankful for the location of the building. Plus, it is just a couple blocks walk from our apartment! Very convenient.

There are lots of people who walk or drive by and peek in. We know that it will take awhile for people in the community to get to know us and be able to trust us. Glad for the opportunity to make ourselves known!