Peanuts and Preaching

We had a funny scenario that happened this last Sunday. I usually give Elisha a snack of Cheerios, peanuts, and a small box of raisins while Stephen is preaching. It keeps him busy and relatively quiet. Elisha also has pretty sensitive skin. If he itches too much, he turns red and gets little bumps. Anyway, he was having his snack and started itching behind his ear. I told him to stop, knowing how his skin gets if he itches too much.  He asked for lotion, but I didn't have any. Sometimes when I tell Elisha to stop doing something, he does it all the more. He kept itching behind the one ear, and then the other, and then started rubbing his eyes (which he had some crumbs on his hands and I'm sure some got into his eyes which was turning his eyes red). His face also got blotchy. Since I was leaning over so many times to try to persuade Elisha to stop itching, it eventually woke up Silas who had been sleeping in the carrier. Silas started crying loudly, so I got up from my chair and began bouncing him in the back of the church, which calmed him down. Elisha, meanwhile, is still in his seat towards the front, but turns to look at me. He is still itching like crazy. I want him to stop so I start making the "cut" signal with my hand going across my chin while mouthing "stop itching".  Well, as this is going on, Stephen sees me doing the signal. He doesn't skip a beat with his sermon, but he is thinking that I am doing the signal to him, like he is saying something totally wrong! Haha! We all laughed about it later. Elisha's blotchiness, redness and bumps went away quickly after he stopped itching (having cookies and playing with other kids at the end of the service is a nice distraction). He has had lots of peanuts before, so I don't think he is allergic, but you never know if something new is developing. He was happy the whole time he was itching like crazy though. Peanuts kept falling out of his clothes the rest of the day.

These guys make life interesting!