Thanksgiving 2015

We had five adults and seven kids over for Thanksgiving this year.  We moved almost everything out of our living area into our two bedrooms so that we could fit two extra tables in to seat everyone. The kids had fun together while us adults played a little table quiz game about Thanksgiving. We did not have a turkey big enough to feed everyone, so we had to cook two. This proved a challenge in our small oven, so Stephen cut up one of the turkeys before cooking it so that we could fit it all in! It worked! We just had some simple appetisers, potato chips, chocolate peanuts, salted peanuts, and a veggie tray with ranch dip (an American specialty that I was able to share with people). We had all the traditional dishes, sweet potato casserole, green been casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, bread, apple crumble and pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream. It was delicious. I ate too much and was begging people to take food home with them as I felt like I could never eat again. To my surprise, I am still able to eat again now that I have recovered.
You can see Elisha's hand sticking out on the left side of the photo. We still have two children missing from the photo. You can see Silas and I in the mirror taking the picture. So glad that most everyone could make it (for the photo and for the meal. haha