Visiting Supporting Churches (part 1)

Once we touched down in the USA I (Stephen) got busy visiting a few of our supporting churches. On this trip back we visited seven churches in total, five of whom I am flew to see in a 2.5 week period. I went alone since the idea of five flights in that short of time with our two boys seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. Besides I think Grandma and Grandpa Amundson were happy Alisa and the boys could stay around.   

My first stop was Hillcrest Christian Church in McKinney Texas. It was nice to get to spend a few days with them and explain what we have been up to. I presented during their Sunday School hour and so was able to sit in on a great sermon by their new minister, Dave Smith. After church I was treated to delicious Texas BBQ! The hosptality shown to me by Mickey and Kaye, Ryan and Jill, and Dave and his sister Michelle was unbelievable. We are so blessed to have them as one of our supporting churches!  

My second stop was to Christview Christian Church in Southaven, Mississippi. It is wonderful to be able to visit them, not least because my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Danny attend there. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time with both of them as well as four of my cousins. I spent most of my time there with them but did venture up to Humboldt, Tennessee to see Rob and Carla Harris (Rob is the director of Kontaktmission in the USA and if you support us financially, Carla is the lady who records your donation and sends you a receipt). I also saw Rachel Irwin (she is the US coordinator of short term trips). It was great to visit with them and spend some time discussing strategy for the future of Kontaktmission. After my visit in Humboldt, I spent Sunday with Christview speaking in both Sunday school and the worship service. I really had a nice time in Southaven and look forward to returning.

Laura and Marsha, two of our great supporters at Fall Creek!

On Monday I was off to Indianapolis to visit our supporting Sunday school class at Fall Creek Christian Church in Pendleton. Once in Pendleton I stayed one night with Kent and Cindy (who makes a pretty amazing lasagna). I then spent the rest of my time in Pendleton with Don and Suzy. I  loved getting to know everyone as they all were so kind and friendly. On Tuesday I had lunch with the Senior Moments Sunday School Class. It was great to be able to share with them what we are up to in Ireland and to thank them for their support. Our friends Andrew and Samantha work at the church and was grateful for the time I had to be able to spend with them and their two cool kids! 

 Back in "The Good Life."

I left Pendleton early on Saturday morning headed for Omaha, Nebraska. Once in Omaha I rented a car and made the 3.5 hour drive to McCook. That evening, I was able to eat dinner with several members of the McCook Christian Church missions team. I stayed that night with Clark and Dawna who assured me their house was not haunted...probably. On Sunday I was able to speak for a few minutes in both services and was lucky enough to get to speak in the children's church as well. After church I had a delicious pizza with the Hester family (our friend Sarah's parents) and then was on my way to Hebron, Nebraska, my hometown.

My childhood home 

On Sunday evening, First Community Church put on a pizza and ice cream party for me and gave me time to share what we have been doing as well as answer people's questions. It was great to see so many people who had a profound influence on my life. I love this church and am so grateful to them for so many things. If only I would have come a little later I could have met my friend Tamara's new little baby. Too bad! I stayed Sunday night with the Speichinger family and then got up early Monday morning to make my way back to Omaha and then on to Chicago where I would catch a bus to Janesville, Wisconsin where Alisa and the boys would be waiting for me.

All in all it was a great trip. I met so many wonderful people and was reacquainted with so many others. I look forward to seeing everyone again and hopefully being able to bring the whole family!