Silas is a Citizen! Keep the Prayers Coming!

Yesterday, we received Silas' Irish passport in the mail. This means he is a dual citizen of both the USA and Ireland now.

This also means we can take the next step in applying for permission to stay here in Ireland. They say it can take up to six months to get an answer back on this. We have learned that we have to write in to  the same office in Dublin, but, hopefully, since we have an Irish citizen for a son now, they might grant us a new visa.

We talked to the immigration officer here in Galway as well as our lawyer and they both think that as long as we get in this application, we should be able to make it back for Alisa's brother's (there are two getting married now!) weddings. They said as long as we have proof that the paperwork is filed, we should have no problem getting back into the country.

These are huge answers to prayer, but we still have to get this permission to be able to continue the work here! Please continue in prayer for this. Thank you!