No Solid Answers- Visa Update

At the beginning of May we had some hope that our visa situation would all be resolved. We had been contacted by our lawyer saying the immigration office had contacted them. Immigration said they had lost some of our files. What they had lost included the letter from my doctor saying I was heavily pregnant. Our lawyer got them a copy of that letter and the immigration office said they would be contacting us with a decision soon.

We didn't know what the decision would be, but we were happy that we would be hearing something solid soon.

Soon after we had a letter from immigration in our mailbox. They acknowledged that I was pregnant and said they would not take further action with our application at this time. Also, they said they would not change their minds about granting us a temporary visa.

So, in other words, we can stay, but we are still denied a visa.

They gave no indication in the letter when they would take further action with our application. Would they want us out right after the baby is born? Would they let us have more time to pack? There is nothing solid in the letter.

Our lawyer is annoyed at how immigration has been handling our case. She has never seen them deny people a temporary visa in all of the cases she has worked.

The advice that we have gotten now is to try to apply for an Irish passport for Silas. We were told we could know the results of it in two weeks (once we apply) or it could take up to a year.

We are going to make sure that we get Silas' U.S.A. passport first before sending off for the Irish one. We have an appointment at the embassy next week.

Thank you for keeping this situation in your prayers. It has been a mess. It does not make a lot of sense why they want us out, but we know that we aren't the only ones having trouble with renewing this visa.