Our Visas

Every year so far, we have been able to go into our local immigration office and apply in person for a new visa. This has worked out great. After three years of doing that, though, you cannot go into a local immigration office, but you have to gather all of your paperwork and send in your information to Dublin where someone decides whether you will get a visa renewal or not.

To our surprise and after months of waiting and waiting for an answer, our visas have been denied. 

The letter they sent us said that we did not "demonstrate an exceptional circumstance" and therefore we were refused a visa renewal. 

We have since hired a lawyer who has sent a letter asking what these "exceptional circumstances" are that we were to meet as there is no explanation whatsoever what they are. They also explained that I am in late pregnancy, that it isn't safe for me to fly, and addressed Elisha's rights as well. 

We have since gotten a letter back from the immigration office saying that in this situation Elisha's rights do not matter. Also, for some reason, they did not address at all the "exceptional circumstances" or even mention my pregnancy. So, our lawyer is drafting another letter to send to them at the moment. 

The problem is they want us out of the country by next week. We have been told that that date does not matter since we are in dialogue with the immigration office, but so far we have not been given any extra extension in time. We don't know if we are staying or going!

Please be in prayer that our visas would be renewed. We know that God is in control of this situation no matter what the outcome. 

Thank you!


  1. My prayers are for you. May the Lord be with you, may the road rise to meet you, and above all, may He reveal Himself as He works according to His purpose. Peace and mercy friends.

  2. Just said a prayer for them,

  3. I'll keep praying Stephen, Alisa and Elisha (and the little one on the way). We are praying at CCMH. Ps 31:14-15
    But I trust in you, O Lord;
    I say, "You are my God."
    My times are in your hands...

    1. It is true! Not only in this visa situation but all of the time, God is in control. Thanks for your prayers.

  4. Your mission is in my prayers. I have been praying for you since Rick Cherok told me about you mission. I will definitely keep the visa issue in my prayers, and have my other contacts pray also.

  5. I know all about visa troubles. Don't let it stress you. I'm praying for you.


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