Family Fun

The first week of January found us in Dublin picking up Alisa's brother, Justin, and sisters, Leah and Sarah at the airport. They came for a quick visit for a week.

At Kylemore Abbey (We didn't know if we would get to see the gardens because the wind was blowing so bad they had closed it down for a few hours. Lucky, we were able to get inside after we saw the Abbey.)

At the Cliffs of Moher. Elisha warm and dry under his rain cover.

Looking in tide pools and also searching for birds in Spiddle.

We had such terrible weather when they were here, but since we only had a few days to go sightseeing, we just went out anyway. We all (except for Elisha who was under his rain cover), got soaked, windblown, had sleet in our eyes and Leah and Sarah were hit by a big wave. It made for lots of memories.

Seeing the Atlantic ocean for the first time (It was sleeting and every time you would try to look, the sleet would get into your eyes. The winds picked up right as we got out of the car!)

Elisha really enjoyed his Uncle and Aunts being here. We could tell he missed all of the extra attention as soon as they left.

We were so thankful that they could come!
Warming up with coffee and tarts at a local cafe.