Our First Intern

Kyle has made it safely to Ireland and has gotten settled in to life here in Moycullen. We are so thankful that he is here.

He has been great at jumping in to help with different activities that we have been involved in like teaching at Kid's Club. He has also really gotten to know some of his housemates and has had opportunities to share the gospel with them.

This is what we need permanently. We need someone to come alongside the ministry here and help spread the word about what Christ has done. Stephen and I can only do so much and can only have relationships with so many people. We need more Christians here with servant hearts.

We have been praying and praying for teammates even before we left the States. So far it hasn't happened. I don't know why. Sometimes it feels like Stephen and I are the only crazy people out there. We hear all of the time that people would love to come and minister in Ireland but it never seems to work out. It feels as if we have been here a long time without seeing much happen. There is a huge need for someone (or multiple someones) to come a long side and help, but we have been waiting and praying with no answers...


Kyle is here and we are so thankful that he is. Even though he probably feels like he isn't doing much, we know that every conversation that he has with someone may tell them of a Savior that they may have never heard of before.