Kids Club

Our Wednesday evening Kids club has officially been going on for three weeks now. We had five children attend the first week. The last two weeks we have had three children come. We spoke with some of the Mom's and they thought the club started too late for their children, so we will be changing the time in two weeks. Hopefully more children will be able to come after that.

Right now we are teaching about God's creation and what the different aspects tell us about God. He is powerful. He is in charge. He is good. We had one student ask, "Who created God?" We are so thankful that she is thinking about these things. That is always one question that gets your mind boggling as He has always been! We love it when the children share their thoughts and questions with us.

We have started working on a "creation book"that will show what God made on each day (Day one: Light/Dark, Day two: Sky/Water, etc.). Each child will be able to create and have their own book once it is done. We work on a couple days at a time. The children seem eager to create different pictures and like to spruce up their books with their own creative touches.

Stephen wrote a tune to our memory verse (Genesis 1:1) and the kids REALLY enjoy singing it. The first two weeks Stephen and I were definitely singing louder than the kids, but this last week they sang so loud! It was great. After we were done singing together we asked if they could say the memory verse and each kid stood in line and then proceeded to sing it to me. It was great.

Elisha comes with us to the club and just kinda wanders around the room watching everything that is going on. He seems to enjoy it and the children like having him around.

Please continue to pray for our Children's club! Thank you!