Church name and a Children's Club

In case you are wondering what we have been up to since the German group left here is a brief rundown.

I do not like naming things. I am just not good at coming up with names and get particularly nervous when it is something that you will be stuck with and known by for a long time. However, we now have a name for our church. After asking as many people as I could about names for a church we have finally come to a decision. People's overwhelming favorite name (and by overwhelming I mean 100% of the people surveyed preferred it) was Community Christian Church. We really like the name and while it may not be the most original, I think it is a good name for the church here in Moycullen. Hopefully, the community will feel welcome to come and celebrate the good news of Christ.

While we may not be ready for a Sunday service we are currently in the process of hanging up posters and passing out another 500 leaflets for the upcoming Children's Club. It begins the 10th of September and will go on every Wednesday after that. We are excited to begin this club and hope that it will be a great opportunity to share Christ with the children of our community. Please be in prayer for the club as we begin. To my knowledge there is nothing else like it in the area and we pray that it will receive a good response. You can find more info about the Children's Club by clicking on the picture below.


  1. It's a great name
    Like ur church will be serving the community


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