500 Leaflets

Yes, 500 leaflets (or flyers) were put into people's postboxes (mailboxes) this last Monday and Tuesday by yours truly:

Whew! Glad that is over.

Not only because it is quite the job to do (and to organize meals and naps, for Elisha, around the times), but also because they are advertising our upcoming soccer camp here in Moycullen and now we know that people have gotten them in plenty of time to plan on coming....


It can be hard not knowing what the response will be to the camp. Will we have 1 kid or will we have 100? We have done what we could to advertise and now we just have to leave it to God to take care of the rest. We recently learned that a handball camp and a general day camp will be going for kids on the same dates. This could create a conflict but we are still optimistic that we will have a good response. Please pray for the success of this event! Thank you!